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Future of Luxury Brand Management

  The luxury bazaar is intensifying at an extraordinary pace.  Luxury brands have transformed drastically in the recent years and a lot of people pronounce that it will certainly not be what it once was: a diplomatic and little economic sector designed for the wealthy. The rapid development of budding countries has bent new framework for luxury expansion that changes its essence and performance. The business also faces challenges from technical advances and the growing shift towards digitalization. Each year brings an extensive predictions and trends popping up in feeds and inboxes around the globe.  The classic symbols—the Herm├Ęs Birkin bag, a couture dress by Dior, a watch by Rolex—aren’t in any threat of losing its status. It is a zero-tolerance domain. Luxury companies seek practitioners who are well-versed with the needs and desires of the customers. Hence, one needs to be an enthusiastic admirer of the luxury industry and have aspirations for the merchandise.  Breaking in

Food Startups - Must know Pollution Compliance Before Start

  In India people loves to eat and therefore these days Food Start Ups are growing & expanding their business rapidly in categories like Ready to Eat Foods , Semi-Cooked Foods, Desserts, Beverages & Shakes, Healthy Foods, Street Style Foods, Fast Food Chains in Burger, Pizzas, Momos etc . These food start-ups/brands are establishing new Pick-up Points, Base Kitchens, Restaurant Chains, Cafe in many places in the city but most of them are not aware about applicable pollution control license popularly known as CTE & CTO and related compliance like installation of Oil & Grease Trap (OGT), Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) , Hood & Ducting, Colour Coded Bins etc . Let’s take an example in this article about Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) compliances applicable on Food Start-ups/Food Processing Industry: Questions Answers 1)       Before start of my food start-up do I need to take pollution license from DPCC?   Y