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Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) License For Industrial Units

  What does DPCC means?   DPCC Stands for Delhi Pollution Control Committee. DPCC is a regulatory body for implementation of various Environmental / Pollution Control Laws in Delhi.   Functions of DPCC: 1.       Lay down standards for treatment of sewage and trade effluents and for emissions from automobiles, industrial plants, and any other polluting source.   2.       Issuance of the Consent Certificate/ License to the Industries falling in conforming areas and complying the environmental norms.   3.       Issuance of Authorization to the Hospitals, Clinics, Animal Clinics, Blood Banks etc   4.       Take Action against Industrial units violating the environmental norms.   5.       Assess the quality of ambient water and air and take steps for the prevention, control and abatement of air and water pollution.   Is it necessary to take DPCC License?   It is mandatory for every Industrial/ Commercial unit/Health care Establishment to take Pollut