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How do I apply for a Pollution Control License?

There have been stricter norms related to the emissions of air pollutants, effluents discharged from industries, or hazardous waste generation or handling as a result of increased awareness to protect the environment and the surroundings, as well as the feeling that we are just trustees to the environment and need to protect it. With the introduction of the 'polluter pays' idea throughout all regulations and legislation, there are now pollution-related standards and processes that industries and other business entities must adhere to. Pollution License is one of the factors. On a high level, it consists of two parts: Consent to Establish and Consent to Operate. Before we get into the processes for obtaining the appropriate NOC, we must first understand an essential index known as the Pollution Index of every industrial sector, which is represented by a number between 0 and 100, with 0 indicating the least pollution effect and 100 representing the most. The industries are cat

Party makeup parlour in Greater Noida

Getting decked up for a party? You want to look your best, don’t you? If yes, then hire the professional party makeup artist in Noida to get the beautiful and jaw dropping look on your face. The best makeup artists have expertise and experience to bring out the best in your personality.  Makeup plays a vital role in the life of every woman these days. Whether you are a bride or you want to go to any party, every woman wants to dress up well and wear makeup to look bright throughout the party. But some women may not be skilled enough to do their own makeup. Though you might know the basics to dress up for the party and to make sure you look good with a hairdo, it is important that you go to a good party makeup artist in Greater Noida . The makeup experts will take care of your complete look and make you shine at the parties. Here are some of the reasons why you should go to a party makeup artist: One of the major reasons why you should go to a party makeup artist is that they are profe

Are Bottle Depot Pick Up Services Helpful For Individuals?

While we all know the environmental and financial benefit to bringing back our empty drink containers to the bottle depot, we’d all prefer to skip the depot when possible. It’s definitely not most people’s favourite task. Returning empty containers can be messy and the bags, box or cartons you use to hold the containers take up a lot of space on your vehicle. And then there’s the actual depot itself. Bringing empty cans and bottles into the depot from your car is challenging. And no matter how clean a depot is, it still smells of old liquids from inside the containers that have been returned. Many people have wished they could skip the bottle depot but still get their refund, and now they can!   Image Sourced: Bottle Pick Up Services Bottle depot pick up services have been around for a bit now, but many companies that offer to pick up your empty drink containers want to charge a fee or to give a reduced cost per container back so that they make money. While we understand a skip the