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Are Bottle Depot Pick Up Services Helpful For Individuals?

While we all know the environmental and financial benefit to bringing back our empty drink containers to the bottle depot, we’d all prefer to skip the depot when possible. It’s definitely not most people’s favourite task. Returning empty containers can be messy and the bags, box or cartons you use to hold the containers take up a lot of space on your vehicle. And then there’s the actual depot itself. Bringing empty cans and bottles into the depot from your car is challenging. And no matter how clean a depot is, it still smells of old liquids from inside the containers that have been returned. Many people have wished they could skip the bottle depot but still get their refund, and now they can!


Pick up Services
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Bottle depot pick up services have been around for a bit now, but many companies that offer to pick up your empty drink containers want to charge a fee or to give a reduced cost per container back so that they make money. While we understand a skip the depot option needing to make money, it also makes it less attractive to users. A bottle depot makes their money from the container being returned so they don’t need to profit off of your returns. They offer bottle depot pick up at no charge to the customer at all because they want to get the bottles back to the depot. They also want customers to get their full refunds or for the full amount to be donated to a worthy cause.

So to answer the original question, are bottle depot pick up services helpful for individuals, the answer is a resounding yes!

You can reach out to the depot and they will schedule a pick up time with you within 24 hours. A date and time window is set up that is mutually convenient and all you need to do is place the empty drink containers somewhere on your property for pick up. Simply let our team know where to find them and they will pick them up. You do not need to be home or present for the pick up.

The bottles and cans and then taken back to our facility for counting where the count itself is filmed for your review should you want to check it at any time. Once completed, the refund amount is e-transferred directly to you and the whole thing is done. It’s a simple and easy process that takes this cumbersome chore off your plate, saving you time, effort and gas.

Skip the bottle depot with bottle depot pick up services for a helpful new way to get your chores done without lifting a finger or driving to the depot. We offer this great services for individuals in residential homes, but we also offer a commercial service that can be utilized by businesses and condo buildings too. Ask us about all of the different ways we are making bottle depot returns more convenient for our valued Calgary customers.


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