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How do I apply for a Pollution Control License?

There have been stricter norms related to the emissions of air pollutants, effluents discharged from industries, or hazardous waste generation or handling as a result of increased awareness to protect the environment and the surroundings, as well as the feeling that we are just trustees to the environment and need to protect it. With the introduction of the 'polluter pays' idea throughout all regulations and legislation, there are now pollution-related standards and processes that industries and other business entities must adhere to. Pollution License is one of the factors. On a high level, it consists of two parts: Consent to Establish and Consent to Operate.

Pollution License

Before we get into the processes for obtaining the appropriate NOC, we must first understand an essential index known as the Pollution Index of every industrial sector, which is represented by a number between 0 and 100, with 0 indicating the least pollution effect and 100 representing the most.

The industries are categorised into four groups depending on their pollution index score:

    White (less than 20)

    Green (score between 21-40)

    Orange (score between 41-60)

    Red (score above 60)

With a higher pollution index score, the type and scope of rules and requirements become more stringent.

There are two major steps involved in getting the pollution license, the first one is Consent to Establish permission and the second one is Consent to Operate permission. We will try to provide a brief introduction on both of them.

Consent to Establish

This is the first step in the journey; in this step, the details of the proposed project and its potential for pollution are summarized in a document and presented to the Committee, which examines various details such as machinery quality, impact on the nearby ecosystem, and a variety of other factors, and once the committee is satisfied, the project is approved. Once you are approved, you will get it in form of Consent to Establish.

Consent to Operate

The second step is to establish the machinery and related infrastructure that you had presented in the document that was served to the committee for granting the CTE license. Once you have been granted the CTE license, you can move forward and establish the machinery and related infrastructure that you had presented in the document that was served to the committee for granting the CTE license. Once the installation is complete and the industry is ready to run at full capacity, numerous parameters are measured again, and if the committee is satisfied with the results in terms of pollution standards, the Consent to Operate license is awarded.

For any assistance with pollution NOC or other certificates, Green Genra is a name you can trust. Our clients benefit from our services and assistance at every step, and our team of committed and subject specialists understands the complexities of the process, which comes in helpful. Each stage in the procedure necessitates a variety of paperwork, and we can assist you in getting them in order according to the standards. We can also help with the installation of various pollution control devices and types of equipment, as well as the follow-up process through committees, and we can answer specific questions that require the assistance of experienced specialists who are familiar with the regulations in detail.


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