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Food Startups - Must know Pollution Compliance Before Start


In India people loves to eat and therefore these days Food Start Ups are growing & expanding their business rapidly in categories like Ready to Eat Foods, Semi-Cooked Foods, Desserts, Beverages & Shakes, Healthy Foods, Street Style Foods, Fast Food Chains in Burger, Pizzas, Momos etc. These food start-ups/brands are establishing new Pick-up Points, Base Kitchens, Restaurant Chains, Cafe in many places in the city but most of them are not aware about applicable pollution control license popularly known as CTE & CTO and related compliance like installation of Oil & Grease Trap (OGT), Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), Hood & Ducting, Colour Coded Bins etc. Let’s take an example in this article about Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) compliances applicable on Food Start-ups/Food Processing Industry:



1)      Before start of my food start-up do I need to take pollution license from DPCC?


Yes. You need to apply for Consent to Establish (CTE) & Consent to Operate (CTO) in DPCC.

2)      Why I need to take Consent to Establish (CTE) & Consent to Operate?

In India there is a legal framework for protection and improvement of environment.

Sections 21/22 of Air Act, 1981 & 25/26 of Water Act, 1974 defines the required to take permission from state pollution control board/committee (DPCC in this example).

3)      What are compliances for Pick-up Points, Base Kitchens, Restaurants, Cafe

a.   Need to install one of the given Waste water Pollution Control Systems depending upon the case: Oil & Grease Trap and Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP).

b.   Hood & duct for Air Emission

c.   Colour Coded Bins for Solid Waste segregation

d.   Usage of approved Fuel as per approved list of fuels of NCT of Delhi.

e.   Acoustic Enclosures of D.G sets

f.    Specific guidelines given time to time by the departments.

4)      What if I do not take permission or CTE & CTO from pollution department?

Delhi pollution Control Committee has powers to Act upon on defaulters under Environmental Laws and impose hefty penalty. Worst scenario may include huge penalty and attachment of property with penal action.

5)      How do I obtain DPCC license? In which category I need to obtain DPCC license?

You have to arrange required documents and apply first for CTE then install pollution control device and apply for testing. Finally apply for CTO. You have to apply for DPCC Orange Category License.

6)      Form where can I Hire an expert under my budget to provide consultancy for pollution control compliance.

Visit our website or write us to on

7)      I already started can I apply now?

Yes. Act immediately contact us on 8377069760, 9650852260.



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