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Aluminum casting process by RPPL

Aluminum casting is the kind of metal working process that involves pouring liquid metal into a mold or form. Aluminum casting uses variation of aluminum and aluminum alloys as the liquid metal that is poured into the mold. Aluminum castings are used to make complex and detailed parts very efficiently.

Aluminum casting process

RPPL industries is one of the leading and trust-worthy aluminum casting component suppliers in Ontario. The company has all aluminum casting processes under one single roof and in-house machining capacities, leak testing facility, heat treatment and ultrasonic washing abilities that are class-apart.

RPPL specializes in supplying high pressure, low pressure and gravity aluminum die cast parts.

  1. High pressure aluminum casting process: In this process a molten metal or metal alloy is injected at high speed and high pressure into the mould. This is held in place by a powerful compressive power until the metal sets. After the solidification the die is released, opened and the metal is freed. RPPL is the leading supplier of high pressure die casting parts to motorcycle manufacturers and automobiles, Tier I and OEMs. Seat frames, UAV blade assembly are some of the composite parts that are delivered to Aerospace industries.
  2. Low pressure die casting process: Among cutting-edge and standard foundry processes for aluminum alloys, low pressure die casting is considered by many benefits like high yield, outstanding control of operative parameters, good metallurgical and technological qualities. RPPL has experience and expertise in manufacturing alloy wheels through low pressure die casting and gravity die casting. The company manufactures durable and compliant two- wheeler and four wheeler wheels that are in sync with global standards. The company is also supplying other automotive parts like cylinder heads, blocks manifolds and housings with low pressure die casting process. Also, they are distributor of critical aerospace castings and electric motor housings.
  3. Gravity Die Casting: Gravity die casting is one of the age old methods of producing cast parts. It involves pouring molten metal into a mould under only the force of gravity without the use of any other external stimuli. While this process is slower than pressurized castings, it does not have certain benefits. Gravity casting is a simple process and as such relatively inexpensive. Also, the moulds used in this process are cheaper to produce compared to the high strength moulds required for pressurized castings. Also, because of the way the molten metal flow into the mould this process is especially suited for parts that require heat treatment later on. RPPL has state-of-the-art capabilities in supplying gravity die cast components.
Aluminum casting is a process that manufactures complicated, engineering parts such as machine parts, body frames etc. and produce products that are virtue of good dimensional stability, lightweight and good corrosion resistance. RPPL has experience and expertise in manufacturing high quality aluminum die-casting parts in sync with the international standards.


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