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How to get Indian Pollution Regulations - Green Genra

As with any problem or issue, once it emerges Governments deliberate upon them and comes up with a set of measures to regulate that activity. Similarly, as pollution is increasing all over the Globe, governments issue guidelines to counter and minimise the levels of pollution. One of the basic yet most prominent tools to control this is the No-objection certificates. Through the use of this tool, polluting industries and commercial establishments can be filtered out and as per their polluting levels of them, they can be segregated and specific norms and regulations could be applied to their emission activities. In this blog, we will discuss briefly the aspects related to pollution license and what documents are required for that.

There are two clearances required for the establishment to become fully functional. One of them is Consent to establish clearance that is issued by the pollution boards/committees when they are satisfied with the project design and the potential polluting capability that the establishment has. The authorities consider a variety of factors while determining the approval like waste water generation, air emission, waste generation and the overall impact that the project might have on the ecosystem. The second clearance is the Consent to operate clearance that is granted once the machinery setup is done and the establishment is at the point of operating but before the actual operation environmental tests are conducted and the samples are analysed by the authorities to determine if the pollution levels by the unit are within the expected limits, and if all is good then consent to operate license is granted. Further clearances relating to Waste Management such as Hazardous waste, E- waste, Battery waste, Plastic waste which are sector-specific are also required by the industrial units.

Various documents are needed for the clearances to get through and we will list down some of the those essential ones namely Aadhar Card of Applicant, Water and Electricity Bill, Project Report, Pan Card of Company/Partnership firm, Layout Plan, Lab Test Reports, Rent Agreement if applicable, Undertaking.

Green Genra is one of the fastest emerging and trustworthy firms in the field of environmental products and services relating to various clearances. Within a short period, it has been made possible because of the core ethos of keeping the customer at the centre and our leadership team that is comprised of the environmental engineers who understand the minute details related to environmental norms themselves. We provide a comprehensive set of services related to pollution clearances in a holistic manner that comprise right from assistance related to the preparation of an initial draft document that must be presented to the authorities for the grant of consent to establish and once the approval is granted our team of experts can help in installation of effluent treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, scrubbers, dust collectors that help in bringing down the pollution levels and that ultimately results in lowering of the score on the pollution Index based upon which authorities categorise the units, after that, we just do not rush to apply for consent to operate clearance but a thorough lab study and testing is done to ensure that the parameters are within range and are as expected and finally during the grant of licenses, we are always there to assist on the queries posed by authorities.

Feel free to reach out to us with any of your queries.


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