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Bottle Recycling Program

If you live in Alberta, you’ll need to find a bottle recycling program to return your empty drink containers so you can receive your refund. As you purchase ready to drink products, you will pay a deposit based on the size of the container. When you are done with the container, you get your deposit refunded at the bottle depot in Calgary


Bottle Return calgary

Our north east bottle depot has a bottle recycling program that suits everyone, depending on the way they prefer to return their empty containers. Here is more information on the options available at our bottle depot in Calgary.

Come to the depot in person - This is the standard option here you wash and precount your bottles and bring them back in bags, bins or boxes to be counted by the depot team as well. Once the total is arrived at, you are given a refund for the total deposit you paid on the containers you brought back. Under one litre the container is worth ten cents each. Over one litre the amount returned is twenty five cents each.

Choose curbside drop off - You may also arrive at the depot and text us that you are there. Our team will come outside, remove the bottles from your vehicle and bring your refund back out to you. The whole process should take around fifteen minutes so you’re able to avoid waiting in lines and you can also be fully contactless during the process.

Schedule a pick up - You can also contact us to set up a residential pick up. We will find a day and time slot that works for you, though you do not have to be home when we arrive. You simply leave the empty drink containers in a safe spot on your property that we are aware of and that’s it. Our team picks up the bottles, brings them to the depot for counting and e-transfers your refund to you. This option is also available for our commercial customers and can be set up as a recurring pick up on any frequency that works for you.

Donate to an online bottle drive - No matter which option you choose above, you can opt to donate your refund to a local non-profit organization and get a tax receipt instead of a refund. This means you can do good for your community and receive the benefits of a break on your taxable income.

Finding a great bottle recycling program that suits your needs helps to make this regular chore much easier to manage. You can get on a regular schedule with your north east bottle depot so you just automatically go once a month on Saturdays. Or you can choose to have a regular pick-up, every two weeks on Wednesday afternoons, for example. Regardless of what you choose, we want you to know your local depot is here to make it easier for you to return your cans, bottles and cartons, while getting back your refund and making our city and cleaner place.


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