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10 different types of fasteners

The mechanical components known as fasteners are used to attach two or more items together. Depending on the site conditions, fasteners might be used to attach permanently or temporarily. There are many different kinds of fasteners with various uses that one should surely be aware of. Nails, rivets, and other single-use fasteners used to permanently link two items are examples of permanent fasteners. Therefore, once put, these fasteners cannot be withdrawn; doing so might cause them to be destroyed. Temporary fasteners, on the other hand, are made to temporarily attach two or more things together and are simple to take out and reuse. If you are looking for Fasteners Suppliers, then RPPL Industries is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers. 

Fastener Suppliers

Here are ten types of fasteners that are most often used:

Nuts & Bolts

A nut is usually used in conjunction with a bolt, which is a threaded fastener. Male threads are exterior on bolts and internal on nuts. A bolt has a head, a cylindrical body, and threads along the length of it. Bolts often have a flat head, which implies the head has no groove. It typically has a design on its edge that may be pushed by a wrench tool, and the same is true for nuts.


Screws are adaptable fasteners with strong holding capabilities. They are built similarly to bolts. But unlike bolts, they don't require anything to hold them in place.


These are thin plates that are shaped like discs with a hole in the centre. The outside diameter of these plates is often twice as large as the inner diameter, and they are used to disperse weight across fasteners like screws and nuts. In several applications, they can also be employed as a wear pad, locking mechanism, or spacer. As needed, it can be made of rubber, plastic, or metal


A key is a mechanical component that permits torque transfer by joining a spinning mechanical component to a shaft. The key aids in keeping two pieces from moving relative to one another.


It is referred to as a headless bolt. A stud is a reasonably long rod with threads on both ends that might go all the way around the rod. Before a nut is placed on it, the stud must first be tightened in the hole of the component to be linked with it.


It is a permanent fastener made up of a head, shank, and tail. Therefore it cannot be taken apart without causing damage to the joints. It can be done manually or with a power tool. They have a very powerful temperament.


Fasteners are called anchors to serve a similar purpose as a boat's anchor, which protrudes into the bottom and keeps the ship from moving.


Strong threads of this sort, which are typically cylindrical, are sometimes referred to as thread bushings. They have a variety of uses, including establishing robust connections between various materials and mending stripped threads.


It is a short, flat-headed metal spike that is inserted into the wood to keep objects together or serve as a hook. Since their first use, nails have evolved into a common household item.

Retaining Rings

Retaining rings are a particular kind of fastener used to secure shafts or components. They often come in a variety of forms. They are employed in several equipment applications.


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