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How the Bottle Depot Can Increase Environmental Awareness

Participating in a bottle drive or heading to your nearby bottle depot in the city is a great way to practice a pivotal part of the environmental awareness campaign known as Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. You, like everyone else, likely have a bin of bottles sitting somewhere that needs to be taken to the depot. Not only will you be given some coin for your time, but you will also be contributing to increased environmental awareness. 

Becoming more aware of how your actions affect the environment and what bottle depots in Calgary are doing to try and combat that, is important for a couple of reasons. Firstly, everything you can do to decrease your own environmental footprint is great. Everyone needs to be committed to doing their share in order for us to see any noticeable change. Secondly, bottle returns in Calgary can also provide an incentive for those who choose to learn more about environmental awareness. By bringing your empties in, you are being educated on the process of recycling and how that ultimately affects the environment. 

The bottle depot in Calgary is a great place to increase your environmental awareness. Besides getting a refund for the empties you bring in, it's a great place to learn about the entire recycling process as a whole. 

Here are some ways in which the bottle depots in Calgary use the materials you bring them. 

1. Glass is Reused- Glass doesn’t break down the same way that plastics and other materials do over time. In fact, they remain structurally intact for many years. The containers that are not broken or misshapen are sanitized and reused for liquids and other products that require such materials. This helps the environment a ton due to the fact that new glass products are not being constantly remade. 

2. Materials are Repurposed- In the case of broken glass containers, and aluminum products, bottle returns in Calgary melt these materials down and use them in the production of new glass and aluminum products. This again is better for the environment due to not having to fully produce new materials, but repurposing existing ones into new products.

3. Creating New Products- When products are too damaged to be repurposed or cleaned and reused, they can be melted down and made into new products. We are sure you have heard of using plastics to make clothing or furniture. This concept helps to promote the reduction of production for entirely new materials. Many brands have adopted this principle in their manufacturing already and have referred to it as sustainable manufacturing. You can look for this the next time you are making a purchase decision. 

As you learn more and more about what bottle depots do and how that process works, your environmental awareness will certainly increase too. You can also feel great about making changes in your own life that have a direct impact on the environment. Always remember to reduce, reuse and recycle. The world will soon be a better place because of it!


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