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Where to get the best service for fireproof structural steel?

 Strength is one of the main reasons we use steel in building construction. Steel is a durable building material. It is used in buildings across the country. However, this strength is challenged by the heat of the fire. In a fire, it may take only a few minutes for unprotected steel to reach a critical failure temperature of 550ºC, at which point the steel will cause the loss of ability to gain weight. This leads to structural collapse. In fact, steel with temperatures above 300ºC begins to lose strength. This is why you need Fireproofing paint for steel structure.


Fireproofing paint for steel structures

Types of fireproof paint for structural steel:


Fireproof paints can be classified according to fire protection methods. Each of these types of coatings is further divided according to the duration of fire protection – 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. Building regulations require different minimum times, which vary by building type. 


Vermiculite fireproof coating: The Vermiculite Spray is a passive and highly stable fire protection coating for steel structures.


Intumescent Paints: Intumescent paints protect their steel surfaces by providing an insulating layer between the steel and the fire. Exposure to heat from the fire causes a reaction. This allows the burning paint to expand up to 50 times its thickness and form a hard foam-like charcoal. This charcoal protects the iron from heat. Therefore, it should be kept below a temperature that may compromise. Intumescent paint is the primary coating used on steel.


The advantages of fireproof paints:


Stop or slow the spread of fire:

The fireproof properties of intumescent coatings allow steel structures to maintain their strength in the event of a fire. These coatings can significantly extend the time spent in steelwork to critical failure temperatures. It ensures that the building maintains structural integrity in the event of a fire. 



A layer of charcoal is formed by the coating that spreads when exposed to excessive heat from the fire. Charcoal acts as an insulator, protecting the bottom surface from damage. The duration of this protection can range from 30-120 minutes, depending on the fire intensity and the specific product used. 


It can be applied to almost any surface:

Fireproof paints are the ideal choice for commercial settings where safety and appearance are essential. It can be used to protect a wide range of building materials, such as steel, concrete, wood and gypsum. It allows designers to achieve a beautiful finish on exposed structural steel while providing fire protection.


Increased protection for steel structures:

Buildings used for production, storage and other industrial operations. Steel structures require a protective coating that can handle and withstand challenging environments. In addition to passive fire protection, intumescent coatings also protect steel structures from corrosion. 


There are many fireproofing paint for steel structure in the market. You will connect with one of our partners for your project. JPSC solution experts are here to help. Besides the steel structure, fireproof paint can also be used for many other materials, such as concrete, wood, etc., regardless of the surface coating. Fireproof paint still serves as a good protection against fire and surface protection.


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