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Top Bridal Makeup trends for the upcoming wedding season

A wedding is the most memorable event in every woman's life, and they ensure a beautiful and graceful look. Here comes the need for a professional Bridal Makeup artist in Ghaziabad for a flawless wedding look.

Bridal Makeup Noida

Professional bridal makeup embraces your youthful look with cutting-edge makeup techniques and products. The bridal makeup experts in Greater Noida provide a perfect coverage foundation, contouring, and concealing, ensuring a beautiful face and allowing your photographer to capture the best shots.

The expert wedding makeup artists know the top bridal makeup trends for the upcoming wedding season and advise you accordingly.

Here are some of the top wedding makeup trends to be considered this wedding season

1.Soft smokey eyes: Pastel smokey eyes are the latest trend. Makeup artists provide dramatic smokey eye makeup blended with calming pastel eye colours. This makeup trend is prevalent among many Indian brides; thus, it is huge this season.

2.Minimalism: Plastered wedding makeup is a thing of the past. Today brides prefer to have minimal makeup that enhances their features. The current trend of 'less is more' with subtle tones, and effortless blends provides an elegant look. The professional bridal makeup artist in Ghaziabad flaunts your natural tone by using a natural face palette that should be blusher, highlighter, and bronzer. They also pair it with creamy matte lipstick. Indian brides nowadays prefer pink-based or nude-shade lips even though they wear traditional wedding attire. They opt for minimal makeup with a simple hairdo for a royal and elegant feel.

3.Fresh Dewy: The dewy and fresh makeup look is the best wedding trend and is preferred by most Indian brides. Bridal makeup experts choose a lighter palette and neutral shade to embrace the bride's natural look and enhance it flawlessly. Professional makeup experts top it with a tinge of a highlighter and peachy blush, enough to make their skin shine and glow. This simple makeup by wedding makeup experts in Ghaziabad will help the bride enjoy a luminous natural glow from within.

4. Bold eyes, nude lips: Bridal makeup experts in Greater Noida add drama to the wedding look by creating sharp and bold eye makeup. They create a new trend winged eyeliner look, balance the sharp eyes, and pair it with nude lipstick, preferably refillable.

5. Well-contoured face: The dedicated bridal makeup experts provide the right amount of contouring to change the look and elevate your face cuts. Contouring face is the latest bridal trend this wedding season. It adds warmth to the face and chisels it so that the nose looks sharp, the cheekbones get depth, and the jawline stands out. Contouring also makes the double chin of the brides disappear.

Wrap up

Are you looking for an affordable, professional bridal makeup artist for your wedding? If so, look no further and hire professional bridal makeup experts in Greater Noida to provide you with the latest bridal makeup trends and make you look graceful and beautiful on your wedding day with their cutting-edge makeup techniques.


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