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What is fog cannon dust suppression system in India?

 What is fog cannon dust suppression system?

Fog cannon dust suppression is designed to tackle the issues of airborne dust particles generated by open mining activities, demolition work, and handling bulk materials.

The fog cannon machine is capable of suppressing dust where it is generated in high concentrations at easily defined point sources. They are also referred to as mist cannons and are fast becoming a popular option for dust suppression at mines, demolition, and construction sites.

In layman's terms, the Fogcannon dust suppression uses the highly pressurized water pumped through a series of jet nozzles, turning the water into mist via atomization. Each fog cannon has its generator and is set on skids, allowing it to be moved around as dictated by the weather conditions and the kind of dust being operated.

Fog cannon dust suppression - Greengenra

The cannons are placed strategically near the dust source, like open tip areas, haul roads or loading areas. When the dust particles hit the mist, they are captured, and the water dissipates before ever having the chance to spread.

They are manually or remotely activated when high dust levels are generated combined with weather conditions. The amount of water the fog cannon uses can be fully controlled to optimize water consumption.

How is a fog cannon used for dust suppression in India?

Here is a step-wise detail of using fog cannon for dust suppression in India

1.        Select a fog cannon with adequate air volume and power.

2.        Consider the metrological factors like wind speed and wind direction in check.

3.        Place the fog cannon for adequate coverage of the area.

4.        The pipeline system of the fog cannon sends water to the ends of multiple spray nozzles, and the high-pressure atomization system atomizes water in a mist.

5.        Atomized mist is blown, spreading a fog of fine droplets in the air.

6.        Misty droplets absorb, gather, and precipitate dust particles in the range.

7.        Dust suppression happens when the dust particles are brought to the ground.

The droplet formation mechanisms used by fog canons for dust suppression are

There are varied kinds of droplet formation techniques that a fog cannon uses, but their basic principle is based on particle size disintegration into an atomized mist. The droplet formation mechanism disperses the same atomic mist size droplets from the nozzles to match the airborne dust particle size distribution.

With the help of a unique high-pressure atomization method and a double-tube annular spray ring, the water is atomized into fine mist particles with particular sizes in the micron range. The dust suppression method used by the fog cannons works on the aerosol mist fundamentals.

Wrap up

Fog cannons are ideal for use in areas where visible dust instead of minute-sized dust is not visible to the eyes but can be inhaled. It is imperative to buy the best quality fog cannon from a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer so that you get optimum performance.


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