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What country do most American expats live in?

 If you’re considering making a move abroad, you may have wondered which country most American Expat Tax Services live in. Over the last decade, many Americans have chosen to pursue their dreams of living overseas by settling outside the U.S. This article will outline some of the top countries with the highest concentrations of American expatriates.


 As its closest neighbor, Canada is an obvious choice for American ex-pats who want to remain close to home. Its proximity makes it one of the most convenient foreign countries for Americans to relocate to and an ideal choice for anyone seeking year-round outdoor adventures such as skiing or hiking. Along with that, Canada offers an advanced legal system and healthcare system as well as a thriving economy that welcomes new immigrants and foreigners.


 Mexico has long been a popular destination for American ex-pats looking for warm weather, friendly people, and rich culture. Mexico is also less expensive than many other popular destinations and offers important tax benefits like the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE) which allows US citizens to avoid paying taxes on income earned overseas up to $105,900 per person in 2020. The cities of Merida, Puerto Vallarta, and San Miguel de Allende are particularly popular among US ex-pats who prefer small towns with low costs of living without sacrificing great amenities or access to outdoor recreation spots along the Pacific Coast and Yucatan Peninsula. 

 United Kingdom

 The United Kingdom has become increasingly attractive for US ex-pats due to its relative proximity (a short flight away across the pond), vibrant culture & attractions, and historical links between the two countries that offer a familiar feel when relocating abroad. For those looking for a year-round temperate climate mixed with frequent rain showers then London might be worth looking into if you can stomach higher costs than many other destinations around Europe. 


 For those seeking warmer temperatures with ample sunshine then Australia could be an interesting option since it’s technically part of Oceania but retains all the characteristics of Western cultures so moving down under isn’t a too drastic or dramatic change from life in America today – aside from potentially having snacks distributed kangaroos! Although gaining permanent residence in Australia can be a relatively hard process compared to other destinations around Oceania, temporary work visas are readily available so gaining entry (especially for those below age 28) should not pose any major problems unless there are any criminal convictions under your name!      


Germany is often overlooked by Americans heading overseas but if you’re taking up full-time employment it can be a great place since job security is high due therefore jobs are generally also quite lucrative at least compared to several countries across Europe plus workers benefit from generous vacation time & social benefits such as tuition assistance, health care coverage & other state-funded programs offered all Germans regardless nationality, In addition, Germany recently approved restrictions concerning remote work issued by Federal Ministry Labor Employment making these regulations apply both locals & foreigners employed within borders meaning modern nomads highly mobile should consider Germany perfect base operations whether seek tech gigs consulting gigs whatever else creative minds inventing along the way.


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