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How to apply for DPCC online?

DPCC online application is to be made with the DPCC committee. It is a kind of no-objection certificate that the government issues to ensure that the existing business or new business model does not harm the environment.

DPCC online application?

The main aim of the DPCC license is to protect the environment from pollution and make the environment clean and healthy. DPCC is formed to control the pollution in Delhi, NCR.    

           Documents for obtaining a DPCC certificate


1.        Pan card

2.        Aadhar card with the registered mobile number

3.        CA certificate

4.        Latest electricity bill

5.        Site and location plan of the business entity

6.        Other documents of land that include a Registration deed, rent deed, jamabandi, and lease deed showcasing property details

7.        Partnership deed, resolution of the board of directors, memorandum of an article of association, proprietor certificate

8.        MCD license for restaurants

9.        The municipality or local body water connection certificate

10.     Biomedical waste agreement

11.     Delhi medical council certificate

12.     Valid consent from the state pollution control board for the purchase of import and signed undertaking from the purchaser.

 Documents for the Red category business

1.        Application form

2.        Consent fee

3.        Undertaking signed by the applicant in the said format

4.        Project report providing details of the unit, various activities, proposed capital investment, manufacturing process in detail with a flow chart, water consumption details, wastewater measures, and pollution control systems. 

5.        Lay out plan

6.        Proof of possession of allotment letter/plot/lease deed. In the case of rental premises valid rent agreement

7.        Pan card

8.        Original authorization letter except in case of an individual property.

 Benefits of DPCC consent

1. It promotes sustainable growth showcasing there should be financial growth with environmental protection and social equity.


2.  DPCC also prevents the depletion of natural resources and helps prevent the quality of water and air.


3. It advocates waste management which is necessary to protect the environment and ecological areas. It permits and ensures effective waste management measures and practices so that all kinds of waste are reused and diminished.


4.  DPCC spreads awareness to compel people to use paper bags and public transport, not burn crackers. 


5. It advocates and introduces environment-friendly equipment by changing productive practices like sun-based lights, CNG, energy equipment, etc.


6.  It has also launched the Master Plan Delhi and has laid down some guidelines for healthcare establishments and industries to minimize environmental pollutants in Delhi territory.

 How to proceed with DPPC online application?


1.        Fill out the DPCC license form and provide details related to the business.

2.        Upload all the required documents. 

3.        The concerned officer will verify your documents and provide a DPCC license. 

 Wrap up

 Are you looking for expert help with DPCC online applicationIf so, collaborate with a professional expert who will guide and help you file the DPCC application online so that you avail of your DPCC license hassle-free.


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