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How do I become CFE in South Africa?

 A CFE South Africa is a skilled and certified person responsible for resolving allegations of fraud, obtaining evidence, taking statements, writing reports, testifying to findings and helping in preventing and detecting of fraud and other white collar crimes.

A Certified Fraud Examiner is a credential awarded by the Association of CFE South Africa. The ACFE provides anti-fraud training and education.

How to become CFE in South Africa

1.       First step is to join ACFE. One must be a member to take CFE exam and earn CFE credential.


2.       It is important to prepare for the exam by self-study, instructor led course or from fraud examiners manual.


3.       Next step is to apply for the CFE exam. The applicant needs to fill the documents and pay the application fee for appearing in the CFE exam.


4.       After applying for the CFE exam, one must clear the exam with required credits. The CFE exam tests the knowledge and expertise in the four primary areas of fraud examination – financial transactions and fraud scheme, law, investigation and fraud prevention and deterrence.


Is CFE certification worth it?


1.       Enhance your earnings: A professional CFE South Africa earn more than their non-certified colleagues. The moment one is through the course in South Africa, they shall get varied offers from many potential employers as it is a course that is in high demand. CFEs have a significant role to play in the organization’s security posture, obtaining certification from a reputable third party like ACFE, that specializes in anti-fraud practices and processes and lead the organizations to have more trust and faith in CFE certification holders, entrusting them with more work responsibilities.


2.       Expanding professional base: Certified fraud examiner course covers wide range of topics like financial fraud and fraud examination. It covers many topics like types of fraud, how they are carried out, internal controls that help solve financial fraud and other investigative topics that will help the individual frauds. Also, the candidates are introduced to laws governing fraud and many legal practices and processes that must be followed. All these aspects boost the knowledge and skills of the candidates, allowing them to become experts in fraud detection and prevention. ACFE membership also gives them access to many materials that keeps them up to date on the fraud practices and preventive methods.


3.       High job satisfaction: CFEs can deter criminal activities by identifying risks at early stage and making it more difficult to collect funds by scamming individuals and organizations. CFEs ensure organizations have robust internal controls in place and prevent anyone entering in fraudulent activities. CFEs play a significant role in the management of the organization and thus provide them a high job satisfaction level.


4.       Enhance professional credibility and reputation among peers: Obtaining CFE from ACFE distinguishes the individual and gives them a competitive edge over their peers. CFEs use certification to showcase the breadth of their abilities and experience in the field of fraud examination to peer.




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