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How to comply with battery waste management rules?

With the advancement of technology, batteries are widely used in powering everything from smart phones to electric vehicles. 

With wide usage comes challenge of responsible disposal of batteries to reduce environment and health hazards. Here comes the role of EPR registration for battery waste.

As per this concept, the producers of batteries are held accountable for the end-of-life management of their products including batteries.

EPR registration for battery waste


What is EPR registration for battery waste?

EPR registration for battery waste is a great move by government and related bodies to address the environmental and health challenges related with the disposal of batteries. The concept mandates producers, importers, assemblers, and re-conditioners to take the responsibility of entire lifecycle of batteries from production to end-of-life disposal.

EPR registration establishes collection mechanisms and promotes environment sustainable recycling practices ensuring battery waste is managed in a responsible manner, reducing its adverse effect on the environment and public health.

The rules provide a regulatory framework for implementing EPR obligations, showcasing specific needs for collection, recycling and disposal of different types of batteries. To achieve effective battery waste management and foster an eco-friendly approach towards resource conservation and environment protect, compliance with these rules is important.

Key pointers in Battery Waste Management Rules-

All the waste batteries must be collected and sent for recycling, explicitly prohibiting disposal in incinerators or landfills.

Producers can delegate their EPR responsibilities to other entities.

Facilitate the exchange of EPR certificates through an online portal between producers, refurbishers, and recyclers enabling them to fulfill their obligations effectively.

A minimum percentage of recovery of specific materials from waste batteries is important aiming to drive technological advancements and creating new business opportunities in recycling sector.

It encourages businesses and entities to participate in collection, refurbishing and recycling of waste batteries fostering innovation and sustainable practices in the industry. 

Importance of EPR Certificate of Battery Waste Management in India

Ensures responsible management and reduce ecological impact and health hazards pertaining to battery disposal.

Promote responsible collection, recycling and disposal of end-of-life batteries.

Contributes to resource conservation by enabling recovery of valuable materials from batteries.

Protects public health by reducing exposure to toxic substances present in batteries.

Fosters transition towards a circular economy by promoting sustainable waste management practices.

What category of batteries comes under the battery waste management rules?


Electric vehicle



How to get EPR certificate for Battery waste?

Gather all the required documents and information required for EPR registration application.

Complete application form as per prescribed format.

Submit the form along with the documents to regulatory authority responsible for managing battery waste- Central Pollution Control Board- CPCB Board.

The submitted application will be assessed and verified by the regulatory authority to ensure compliance of EPR requirements and regulations.

After verification CPCB will evaluate the application and issue EPR registration certificate to the applicant.

 Responsible disposal and recycling of battery waste is important. If you are seeking a professional help and guidance for EPR registration for battery waste then collaborate with a professional and expert service provider who will help you navigate the process and obtain the certificate easily.

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